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"It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious." -- Oscar Wilde

"For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbours, and laugh at them in our turn?" -- Jane Austen

I don't watch TV anymore.

I watch all my important tv shows online.

I like reading...(a bit too much.)

I cannot sleep at night without some sort of plush comforting animal.

I have a rare blood type, and the American Red Cross stalks me for it.

I dance to music when I wash the dishes. (and occasionally sing along.)

I'm a slow eater...and I take really small bites.

I'm an English major, which means I know all the grammatical rules that could ever annoy you. But just 'cause I know them doesn't mean I enjoy using them. I just think it's MORE FUNNER to talk MORE NATURAL-ER-EST...with all your flaws and made up words thrown into the mix. 8]

Seahawks pwn your mother.

Dancing is fun.

I can quote EVERY. SINGLE. LINE. of A-L-L the Disney classics for you...including the songs.

I go to Starbucks so much the baristas there know me by name, what I order, and how I like it made. :)

I'm learning to play guitar. And by learning I really mean practice like crazy when the fall/spring semesters are not in session.

I'm the biggest closet nerd you'll ever meet. I might not look it, but I do act like it if you know me well enough.

I'm extremely religious. I enjoy listening to religious radio stations and randomly thanking the Lord for his blessings. 8)

I'm bad at replying to people. Facebook, email, myspace, texting. Calling is even worse...cuz I just let it ring with the intention of "eventually" calling you back. (But I don't.) I'm working on getting better, promise!

I enjoy learning about politics and economics. I don't know why...but I feel like I stay in touch with the world. It will me farther than that cursed quadratic formula ever will.

As you can see...I despise math. I keep a pocket calculator on me at all times. ^^;

Hugs are nice. Not required....just...nice.

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Got myself a spiffy Peanut Butter Jelly time color bar...that effing dances! Credit to jaysus.

Peanut Butter Jelly Time Is Love

Credit to black_cat_xiii for the Ouran Host Club bars♥.

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Friendship like this is True Love

Orlando is Love

~~~~Water Tribe~~~~

Doujin Circle - Ultraseven version:

TezuRyo/RyoTezu is Love

Ryoma and Sakuno are love

Sleep is love

omae to ore to wa GOLDEN PAIR!
Golden Pair is inseparable love

Karupin is love

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Credit to its_loveee for the "Rent" colorbars. ♥

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