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My DA (that I don't use a whole lot)
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May 2008  

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01:53pm 01/12/2006
Your mom
Avatar. Season finale. Tonight. WOOT!

Zutara chat. Tonight. ♥WOOT!♥

Everyone who's anyone will be there. You'd better be there too. Cuz, let's face it...you're someone.

Woot dawg♥.

Let's see if we can give it more ratings than the football games!! xDD
mood: excitedexcited
tags: avatar, homfg
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(no subject)  
12:07am 27/11/2006
Your mom
Hola everyone♥!

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you all. How was your break? Was it filled with annoying Aunties wanting to pinch your cheeks? Or Uncles questioning your opinions on the latest metal technologies for boeing 747's? Or did you have a cubillion little nieces and nephews running around, spilling juice on couches and destroying the place chunk by chunk? Did you join the holiday rush in traveling somewhere else to vist _____ who lives in ______? And did you enjoy Black Friday? Find a good deal? Lament the fact that the PS3 AND the Wii were not discounted on such a day?

...sucks to be you. xD

I went to Orlando, Florida. In which I enjoyed myself at theme parks without a distant relative in sightCollapse )

Spiderman was...and IS...quite hawt in personCollapse )

You know who I wanted to see? Freaking Aang. Why isn't there a guy getting paid to wear a stuffy Aang the Avatar costume out there? It's a nicktoon too! It's popular. It's a show. It's got fans. *grumbles* They have freaking Jimmy Neutron and Dora the Explorer but no Zuko! Avatar characters!? I hope they have some soon♥.

Good to be back. I'll try to catch up with you guys during the week. Guess what? Avatar season finale this Friday woot dawg♥!
mood: sleepysleepy
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Prepare for the 5u498 unrelated sub-topics I'm about to delve in...  
03:26pm 13/11/2006
Your mom
Just click on the lj-cuts you're interested cuz there are FAR too many for any mortal to master in one sitting. If you survive...you win...a miniaturized Sokka's boomerang♥.

--Nanowrimo: Um...can I have a different question please? Or death? Death works too.
--ZA Chat: Would've loved to go. Unfortunately my lil' bro had the chickenpox.
--Weekend: So my bro had the chickenpox and was quarantined to the house. We couldn't go out much cuz he was bored out of his mind. Poor baby♥. (He's had the chickenpox already when he was small...and people are supposed to be immune to it except for a few rare cases where they get them twice.)Read more...Collapse )
--My Time: Split between Read more...Collapse )
--18th Bday plans so far: It's really killing off brain cells everytime I think about itCollapse )
--Social life: Planning a road trip with a college friend in January. POSSIBLY GOING TO CA FTW!Collapse )
--Guys: So there's this guy that I like...the end. ~_^
--Avatar this Friday: Gonna miss it. Have a 3-day camp...yay/sarcasm.
--Fandoms: I just watched the entire first season of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (26 eps.) on youtube yesterday.How do people like me? I am SUCH a nerd!Collapse )

Everyone go and spam _rednovember on her old post with birthday wishes. Her birthday was on Friday. The whore hid it from the world and my e-gift is still a belated WIP fjdfkl damnit. She reads comments...trust me. ^-^
music: Cassie...Long Way 2 Go
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This is like ... 2 days late but I don't care...  
03:08pm 08/11/2006
Your mom

It was amazing♥.

So...it was instigated from LF's (f-locked) post giving out her phone #'s. I said I'd call her the next day. Sure nuf', I did.
How it wentCollapse )
It's cool hearing lj-friends voices. You always give them these "mental" voices when you read their journals. But actually hearing them it's like "WHOA! YOU TOTALLY SCREWED MY MENTAL VOICE OF YOU! NOW I HAVE TO CHANGE IT! But your voice is ♥." We spent like the first 5-10 minutes of our convos just remarking on the others' voice. And my convo with Rel, we kept like...trying to talk at the same time. So we'd both talk...then stop...wait...talk...stop...then laugh at it all lmao.

We're dorks if you couldn't tell. ^^;

That's ... all I wanted to say; I need to get a tad bit of work done so I'll catch you guys later. But dude...calling people...on lj...the SHIZ♥.
music: Nelly Furtado..."Say It Right"
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I'm not dead...  
04:34pm 31/10/2006
Your mom
but I do plan on killing all of my professors and their mid-term exams and mid-term research papers/essays that all befell upon me around the same time.

I've been busy. Lo siento. I love you all even though I've been ignoring you all I'M SORRY!

Shit. I missed an Avatar ep. didn't I? JFLKlj d.skjfslkd%$%$#*%9408u fjdkljf

I am currently taking a break, am on campus, eating my well deserved first meal of the day (in the afternoon wtf?) after who knows how many hours of massive endless studying/writing/homeworking/bio-labbing...hmmm cold pizza♥.

Happy Halloween to you all! What is your guyses plans? Me and my lil' sis will be matching Geisha tonight. (We bought kimonos in Japan and my mom asked just before she paid for them where we'll ever where kimonos to.

Halloween of course.
More on our H.ween plansCollapse )
Love to you all. Must finish typing up two papers before I'm home free. G2g now loves, byes♥.
mood: busybusy
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The most random post of 48930 unrelated topics; be awed by my mad lj-cutting skillz! xD  
01:58pm 20/10/2006
Your mom
Drawing I: First serious usage/attempts at art with charcoal...Collapse )

So...Avatar...is it new or not? *so confused* Damn contradicting tv guides...MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

How's everyone's avatar_ficathon prompts going? Haha...I haven't even started mine. Well I did...in my head. ^^; I'm starting to regret signing up...just a little. BUT I'LL PUSH THROUGH! AS I EXPECT YOU ALL TO AS WELL! The thing is I wanna finish it before Nov. for NaNoWriMo...so...yah.

Oh, and loveroftheflame? YOU SHOULD BE KILLED FOR WRITING TEH DIRTY SPICEH-NESS THAT IS PORCELAIN. I'm a little more than halfway through now. Happy?

I don't know about you guys, but I'm finding it increasingly difficult to read fanfiction right now.Read more...Collapse )

What the heck do you use to watch a .rar file? Read more...Collapse )

I applied at the Starbucks that will be soon built in my itty-bitty town of no consequence (minus all the rich white folk in the county setting.) I wonder if they'll have a problem calling my references all the way in Wa, long distance, from here in Md. Haha, or if they'll go "WTF she went to school in WASHINGTON STATE?" Read more...Collapse )

How is everyone? A lot of you aren't making posts anymore...or I miss them in my hectic life right now.Read more...Collapse )

This guy walked by me here in the computer lab...he smelled delicious.Not too hard on the eyes either wink wink. CRAP I'M GONNA BE LATE FOR DRAWING! G2G! /random-filled post.
mood: bouncybouncy
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10:03am 11/10/2006
Your mom
So um...the Pit of Voles doesn't accept smut anymore does it? Or...maybe it does allow it...but a milder degree?

Cause if not, does this mean I have to get a aff.net account if I want to post the bad boy? *disheartened* Cause I was really looking forward to adding it to my Zutara drabble series. No I'm not shamelessly pimping myself! Whatever gave you that idea? ^_~ I'm just pleased my first attempt at the forbidden genre worked out for others. Yay. ♥.

Yah...that's pretty much the extent of my post right now. ^^;
mood: accomplishedaccomplished
music: Promiscuous (a bit ironic)
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I missed you guys...  
06:10am 09/10/2006
Your mom
So...I have been MIA all weekend. You didn't notice, I'm sure. But I had a wonderful time celebrating my brother's 12th birthday on Friday...which is why I forgot entirely about the ZA chat. That same night, we drove for three hours to pick up my friend sweetbutsour, who goes to Gettysberg College in Pennsylania. She is the only friend from our high school (which is all the way in Puyallup, WASHINGTON btw...I'm currently in Maryland if you forgot) that is near me. Well, I have one more In New York...but that's far already jfdkl 6_9.
More on itCollapse )
And then there's that Zutara smut I've been writing for irrel's AU. I'll have it be known, and she can be my witness, that I madeTHE FIRST AUsmut...but damnit I made so many endless corrections and revisions; and then I ran out of time with my friend here...and so now there's like effing 839408 smuts out there already. u_u *sigh* So much for being innovative and original as I love to do. It's my first attempt at smut-anything, feel free to dissect it if you hate it. I'm sure you will. I do. Smut is SO HARD. And I was SO UNCOMFORTABLE. I was blushing like 83908i4903 times. I was questioning ...things...8349089 times. I even asked Irrel, "would people do ____? ... What if it was in a janitor's closet?"

...yah...some awkward conversations...fun stuff not really.

If my dad could see me now...
I'll post it once my betas are finished with it. So...you'll have to wait before your eyes will be burned at its overall suckiness.
You've been warned.
mood: embarrassedembarrassed
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I'm more sensitive about my art than fics...eheh  
11:11pm 03/10/2006
Your mom
I drew this ages ago but was too lazy to install the scanner software into my laptop. So...became lazy to borrow my stepdad's and scan the darn thing. Finally, after much pestering from irrel and little_fool...I've consented. Tis sexy katara...much older trust me. We always see her motherly, or cute, or sweet, or rude and cranky.

Never seductive.

Feel free to add your own text to answer what is on YOUR MIND when you first see it. Eheh.

And I'm gonna give this a...PG-16 rating. Yah...not necessarily worksafe, but it's not showing anything.
Welcome home ZukoCollapse )

...leave it to me to corrupt the fandom all over again. ^^;
mood: artisticartistic
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My gawd...I wake up this morning, check my inbox....AND IT'S FLOODED!  
12:15pm 03/10/2006
Your mom
*eyes dharmavati and irrel*

My gawd you two were insane last night. I had like...15 messages (all conveniently clumped together thanks to gmail) from you two alone. SHEESH!

*twiddles thumbs*
I guess my entry wasn't so bad then? ^^;
My defense your HonorCollapse )
In other news...HOMG WHO ELSE WATCHES HEROES??? Did you see last night's episode? jfkldjf squeal with me my loves♥. I need some icons for that show. *browses*

Also OT: My Lolo and Lola (Filipino grandparents) made this Filipino snack that SOMEHOW...has evaded me for 17 years at every Asian store, party, gathering I've been too...even the P.I. itself. It's called Pop-rice. Like popcorn. It's light, it's crunchy, you can create your own flavors...DEAR GAWD IT'S ADDICTIVE!! jfdkl

...I was just curious if you've ever heard of it tis all. ^^;
mood: chipperchipper
music: Stay My Gold....BoA
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