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My DA (that I don't use a whole lot)
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May 2008  

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Finally...INTERNET ACCESS!!!!!!!1ONE  
12:50pm 14/01/2007
Your mom
...how I've missed thee♥.

Erm. So...I was out of state. With old fashioned relatives. Who in there old fashioned ways don't need the internet. Nor do their neighbors. And for the past month I've been immersed in their presence without even so much as a neighbor's wi-fi signal to leech on to and update. *dies* And we left so suddenly. How sudden you ask? I forgot my sneakers, cell phone, and contact solution when we got there.
Winter break in college is LONG let me just say. fkdjlfj

Anyways, just came back. Now I can wish you all a belated HAPPY CHRISTMA-HANA-KWANZA-KAH, NEW YEAR, AND MLK, JR. DAY! XD Never thought you could say that all together.

So, during my monk-esque living, what have I missed? What have you, my lovely and ever-so-missed dears been up to? Get laid? Gone clubbing? ... Stalked Zuko and dressed him in leather and tights? I wanna know♥.

Speaking of Avatar. I hope I didn't miss something fangasmically amazing. Please, I'm in the dark. Enlighten me. Next post I'll bestow my SUPER BELATED WTF? Christmahanakwanzakah gifts. It'd be too much trying to catch up with you guys AND keeping track of who gets what and when and and

Update of Lyn in a nutshell:
Tiger is chubby, beats up our German Sheperd, I'm now into the Death Note fandom, I'M GOING TO BUY THE FABRIC FOR MY KATARA COSTUME IRREL-AMOR!!, and...erm...I think avatar_ficathon is going to protest, mob, kill my firstborn child any day now. (Apparently Red wasn't able to update either?) And I know have dyed my hair to a dark brown with subtle red highlights in it, and have a haircut that I'm second guessing to be a bit too short to cosplay as Katara, and I have been trying for a whole month to buy a Nintendo Wii but freaking A!! Their sold out at every store I've called. Online their going for at the least, $325 fjdklf bastards.

How have you been? ^_~ Missed ya♥.

P.S. Did eljay just change it's posting layout again? o_O
location: home sweet home
mood: groggygroggy
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06:43pm 14/01/2007 (UTC)
—Yo no digo esta canción sino a quién conmigo va.
Yaaaay, welcome back!

Well, as for me... the only news I have is that it snowed in California. Like, not in the mountains, but in normal places. And it snowed in pretty much a ring around my city. Me, I didn't get a single snowflake, while my friend who lives ten minutes away got a whole layer ; 0 ;

As for Avatar, there's a live-action movie being produced.

Check avatar_fans for all the links and sporfling. XD;;

- hl
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06:52pm 14/01/2007 (UTC)
just a Holocene voyager: WASSAP?
Yep... LJ changed its layout. And you've been out FOREVER! You've missed a bit... and we've missed avatar_ficathon a lot!

And you weren't the only one kidnapped by the family during the holidays. I only got to spend one measly day with friends over break. How messed up is that?
picword: WASSAP?
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(no subject)
07:19pm 14/01/2007 (UTC)
Howw do I livve wwithout you ✖: Myself and Katara birdy
*puts flaming pitchfork away* Nah, we won't do that... We still need you alive to post. *cough*

Haha, just kidding. I had an entire week without the internet and it was sweet. I miss it. I was in California and with my Lyn and NYYEEEHHH I hate it in New Jersey. ;-; Lolz I actually had a life in California!
picword: Myself and Katara birdy
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(no subject)
07:26pm 14/01/2007 (UTC)
Katherine: yay omg

My life has been so empty without your witty comebacks and funny jokes. :(


picword: yay omg
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(no subject)
07:37pm 14/01/2007 (UTC)
Katherine: i want you

picword: i want you
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(no subject)
07:49pm 14/01/2007 (UTC)
Katherine: playtime


And lol, I'll stop having bursts of news. It's all hitting me very slowly.
picword: playtime
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(no subject)
09:17pm 14/01/2007 (UTC)
la bandida linda
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(no subject)
08:33pm 14/01/2007 (UTC)
1. I made you an icon tutorial, but it used a picture from gettyimages, and apparently gettyimages is cracking down on people using its pictures, so I was waiting for you to show signs of life before I made a new one so I'll get right to it...except I'm really busy because I start school this week and I have to make many preparations.

2. What have you, my lovely and ever-so-missed dears been up to? I...have AWESOME GRADES. Awesome. I'm on the Vice President's list. I've become obsessed with this show. So basically, nothing has happened. My life is boring.


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09:06pm 14/01/2007 (UTC)
The sightly crazy Paladin: *NICE GUY POSE* ...NO
Welcome back!

Please, I think they will try to kill me first. >.> *Didn't finish*

I hadn't done much... I think. XD

*shrug* I wrote a crack!crossover with Bleach and Naruto. XD (And I am still writing in that er... 'verse.

...and wonder when I can do that kitty!Gaara idea in full. >.>)
picword: *NICE GUY POSE* ...NO
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(no subject)
09:23pm 14/01/2007 (UTC)
la bandida linda
Ahh. I posted a shitty link for the movie before. Ignore it! I'm sure you'll find the entry on your own.
Did you get my extra-lame holiday phone message? It's rushed and all wierd.

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(no subject)
10:27pm 14/01/2007 (UTC)
Stephanie: Avatar the Last M. Night Shyamalan!!
I miss talking to you, my love! I hope you get steady connection soon.
picword: Avatar the Last M. Night Shyamalan!!
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because "in a nutshell"s are fun!
11:13pm 14/01/2007 (UTC)
Schnitzel Pie: cats *hugs*
-Yay! You're back! ♥

-despite having my hamster for over 2 months now, he still doesn't have a name. i fail at life. DX http://ponyz-rule-92.livejournal.com/95231.html

-i'm gonna get a haircut, but only in the front, i want azula's bangs

-i'm now into inuyasha (as of the other night when i was up till all hours discovering the joys of midterms *grumble*)

-i've got lotsa avatar merchandise because of xmas and all the after xmas sales :D

-something really bad that i made: http://roxik.com/pictaps/?pid=a127319

and... yeah. that's about it. ^^

P.S. yeah, it took me forever to figure out how to post to anywhere my my journal.
picword: cats *hugs*
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(no subject)
01:46am 15/01/2007 (UTC)
Catherine: ouran: mon ami
THAT'S WHERE YOU WENT! I was so lonely...sniff! XD

Happy...all-the-holidays-from-December-January! Woo!

I would buy tickets to see Tiger vs. German Shepherd.

AAAH FICATHON. WAIL. HA HA funny story...so my laptop monitor broke and I sent it in to HP for fixing. They decided to fix it buy NOT fixing the screen and WIPING THE HARD DRIVE. And thus my not-backed-up fic was destroyed. ALL DESTROYED. JERKS. I'll get back on it.

Good to have you back.
picword: ouran: mon ami
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(no subject)
07:15am 15/01/2007 (UTC)
yo, i'm hotter than a mithril coat: mamoru

I have missed you so!!!

Did you have fun on said break, even without internet access? I hope so.

DEATH NOTE!!! Isn't Light (and his voice) dead sexy? He's wonderful. Even if he is evil. Welcome to the dark side, Lyn. *evil laugh*

Ooh! New hair! post pics</i>


P.S. Um... I um... still don't have my ficathon story finished yet *is shot* I know. I'm horrible. I swear I'll finish it soon. I'll need you to do a quick beta read for it when I do get it done. Please.
picword: mamoru
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(no subject)
06:11am 20/01/2007 (UTC)
Irrel: Host Club - OH!
Darn you!!!one1 I want to get into the Death Note fandom... as soon as I finish reading Furuba and begin reading DN, that is...

I'm so glad you are back... but now, WHERE are you? (again lol)

In other Irrel-news:
-I'm going to Comic Con (AND YOU ARE GOING WITH ME XD) but I don't think I'm cosplaying because I'm broke. Dead broke.
-I may have to get a root canal (hence the broke comment)
-I moved to Reno? You already knew that... I think.
-I've drawn A LOT AU lately... and the reunion is coming soon, weee! I miss having you to help me with my story problems T_T

Come baaack amor!
picword: Host Club - OH!
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(no subject)
12:04am 31/01/2007 (UTC)
I'm not Annie, but I'm okay.: zuko
Welcome back from your break ^_^. I wish I could say something interesting happened in the Avatar-verse...if you can put the live action movie shock aside.

And yeah, LJ decided to spring another one on us with their delightful little posting page.
picword: zuko
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