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My DA (that I don't use a whole lot)
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May 2008  

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So um...I don't recognize ANYONE'S names in any of the comm's...how intimidating...  
06:50pm 01/05/2008
Your mom

Thought so.

New and interesting statistic: Alice In Wonderland is the most quoted piece of literature (other than shakespeare and the Bible) in the western world. Who knew? And don't misconfabulate it with the warped up somewhat crappy Disney version. COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. I'm in the 2nd book right now, "Through the looking glass." It's amusing. It's funny. It's surprisingly enjoyable. (It was only 6 dollars at Borders, to boot!) And it's a quick read. Recommending if you want to de-stress yourselves a bit or just get out of reality for a bit and get transported somewhere else for a while...somewhere that doesn't involve fandoms, RL, TV, internet...all that jazz.

My potential boy recommended it. Props to him, I know. It's his favorite piece of literature...go figure. Stupid upper level almost-done-with-college-English-major.

They ran out of white chocolate mocha at my campus' starbucks today. SO DEPRESSING. I was so lost and out of sorts. I had to ask the barista to recc something to me. (I don't like it.) It's a cafe mocha. It's coffee and hot cocoa basically. Not light and creamy at all like my white mocha. *sigh* It'll have to do.

And also. Stephen Speaks is my new favorite artist right now. He's very independent and underground-esque. But this song gave me goosebumps and prompted me to propose marriage to the singer. (A friend of mine, jokingly of course.)Listen to it that's all you have to do.

And no, I haven't watched avatar yet shhh. Keep it on the DL.

P.S. I love my comp lab's mac computer. It's SO fun. I want one now. I'm now a convert. Sorry PC's. It's just so smooth and...fluid. 8)

Edit: I need icons. Links/reccs plznthnx?
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I can't even recognize eljay anymore...  
01:34am 23/09/2007
Your mom
Yah...who doesn't use this that much!!? ^^; (That would be moi.)

So um...Avatar started up again...that is the reason for spontaneous return--(and the fact that Irrel notified me of Avatar's return via Facebook graffiti. THANKS AMOR♥.)

So um...don't tell me yet, cause I'm not done downloading yet. But...was it good? Who still uses this thing?


Who still remembers me is the more important question ahah. (I've been working, going to school, and volunteering...not much time for internet OR TV these days I'm afraid.)

And hey, to everyone who graduated last spring...how's your freshman year in college? Prof's boring? Classes fun? Book prices ridiculous?

Loving ya all still,
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First things first...  
06:13pm 08/05/2007
Your mom
Has the new season of Avatar started yet? Freaking A if it hasn't I just may keel someone. (And if it has this just goes to show how much time I DON'T have for TV anymore.)

Ok. Second...HOMG I MISS YOU ALL THIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSS MUCH♥. Freaking A I need to check this more often. I'm too busy now. u_u
In which I have a job, am bizz-eh, and a boo =DCollapse )
ANYWAYS. How are my amores doing? Summer is almost here! Conventions are coming up! Woot! You guys write/draw anything? Do you even care about Avatar anymore? Like other things? (HOMG WHO ELSE IS STILL WATCHING HEROES!!? FREAKING A IT'S ALMOST OVER AND ITS kuuuRAZY!)

I'm using my myspace/facebook more now. I don't know why. Probably cause I miss my old RL friends I guess. T_T Let's see...that should be everything. Oh...I'm cramming for finals. And by cramming...I mean DYING. YAH. DEAD.

Anyways, now it's your turn. Tell me how you're doing♥!
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Random + nostalgia + happy = ...?...apparently Lyn at the moment ^^;  
10:51pm 15/03/2007
Your mom
Mid-terms: 3 down, 1 to go. I guess that deems me my life again, right? xD

Missed ya guys! Let's see. An update in a nutshell:

-Into Grey's Anatomy suddenly
-watched 300 TWICE, (such a good movie, BUT NOT FOR KIDS GOOD LORD! but it has invested in me the urgent desire to marry a Spartan male and nothing less.)
-there's this 26/28 year old staying in my room via my church group; she's nice, she's cool, her name's Keyshia
-I've suddenly become addicted to sunny-side up eggs and am eating them like popcorn in the morning, afternoon, and night (I used to HATE those things!)
-Oh and that old romantic interest, you know the one guy, and the unfathomable circumstances, and the number-giving and um...yeah? I'm talking to him. I had lunch with him today. I am refraining my details because seriously, it was just lunch. An amusing lunch. But lunch. And I'm happy. =D
-I'm trying to work out in prep for bathing suit season. I ran twice this week, my legs are sore from idleness all winter
-Tiger is still hyper and miss you all♥

OH irrel AMOR I TOTALLY GOT YOUR ZUTARA PIN OF AWESOME THANKS SO MUCH♥!! xD I plan on taking a pitcure of myself with it and showing it to you; for now it resides permanently on my school bag. ^-^ Te amo y gracias♥

Expect an update on a_ficathon today/tomorrow-ish! (Sorry it's taking so long, but I am trying.)
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01:20pm 27/02/2007
Your mom
My head hurts.

So the Egyptians had a um...safe and contained empire for...300? years-ish because of their location in between two deserts and their culture of being...um...simple...NO! Predictable. Repetitive. The same--

So when designing a table for a web page, the tabular date must be contained between table tags and cellspacing, cellpadding, and ... um...cellsomething must be defined or default setting is at...erm...0?--

Gilgamesh is apparently the first form of literary arteestism in human history, coming from the Sumerians in ... um ...5843908 B.C. Based off of a real king named Gilgamesh, from the city of...Uruk was it? He lost is friend Enk...something during his quest for mortality. Mortality? IMmortality. *headdesk*

Mid-terms should just effing die. T_T

On the plus side, I so squeezed in time for Heroes yesterday.(Come on, who wouldn't?) HOMFG WHO ELSE SAW!!?????????????????
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Lyn's pimptastic story Valentine...thing (for Avatards only)  
09:42pm 14/02/2007
Your mom
Actually...for Zutara Avatards only. If you don't fall under these categories, (or don't know what I'm talking about), this is your Valentine♥.(No I din't make these...hah...like I could.)

Myspace Layouts

Myspace Layouts

Myspace Layouts

For those of you still with me...GUESS WHO LEARNED HOW TO TINKER AROUND WITH PHOTOSHOP!!? (finally) Thanks to teh AMAZINGLY TALENTED AND AMAZING dharmavati, I can now be as dirty as I want...BUT WITH PICTURES!! *evil laughter*


I call this: :Iroh'sCollapse )

Happy V-day to you all my loves♥. (Thanks for the phone call irrel! I ADORE your accent as usual♥.xD)
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I blame the Superbowl for the lateness..  
10:40pm 04/02/2007
Your mom
But anyways,

Happy 18th Birthday little_fool!!!

And you thought I'd forget. xD

It isn't much...but it is the first thing I've written in FOREVER so um...hope ya like and hope your birthday was a blast amor♥.

Por que?Collapse )
Thanks for...too many things to possibly list all. (Gawd...the WC/ZA chats, the mock fights, the Spanish lessons, the spelling lessons, the unproductive late nighters that we most likely regretted the next morning♥). ^-^ *kisses* Muah!

Tu amor,
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Finally...INTERNET ACCESS!!!!!!!1ONE  
12:50pm 14/01/2007
Your mom
...how I've missed thee♥.

Erm. So...I was out of state. With old fashioned relatives. Who in there old fashioned ways don't need the internet. Nor do their neighbors. And for the past month I've been immersed in their presence without even so much as a neighbor's wi-fi signal to leech on to and update. *dies* And we left so suddenly. How sudden you ask? I forgot my sneakers, cell phone, and contact solution when we got there.
Winter break in college is LONG let me just say. fkdjlfj

Anyways, just came back. Now I can wish you all a belated HAPPY CHRISTMA-HANA-KWANZA-KAH, NEW YEAR, AND MLK, JR. DAY! XD Never thought you could say that all together.
What's new with you?Collapse )
Update of Lyn in a nutshell:
Tiger is chubby, beats up our German Sheperd, I'm now into the Death Note fandom, I'M GOING TO BUY THE FABRIC FOR MY KATARA COSTUME IRREL-AMOR!!, and...erm...I think avatar_ficathon is going to protest, mob, kill my firstborn child any day now. (Apparently Red wasn't able to update either?) And I know have dyed my hair to a dark brown with subtle red highlights in it, and have a haircut that I'm second guessing to be a bit too short to cosplay as Katara, and I have been trying for a whole month to buy a Nintendo Wii but freaking A!! Their sold out at every store I've called. Online their going for at the least, $325 fjdklf bastards.

How have you been? ^_~ Missed ya♥.

P.S. Did eljay just change it's posting layout again? o_O
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It has finally arrived, nvm the fact I'm distracted with the hardest final later today; the point is  
12:23am 13/12/2006
Your mom
♥I'm legal♥
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tags: birthday
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Love to all<3  
02:09pm 07/12/2006
Your mom
A little bizzay right now. Finals all next week. Ficathon this Saturday. My birthday and 45849058 X-mas parties to prepare for/attend to.

...what? They count as excuses in my book!

So if I don't see you and you don't see me or we just ignore each other completely...L♥VE FOR YOU!! Miss ya huns. ^_~


P.S.S. If you've been doing something amazing during my absence and updated/added/changed/discovered/made anew that amazing something...LINKAGE PLEASE♥!!

EDIT: OH YAH! IF YOU NEED A BETA FOR THE avatar_ficathon cuz you know, your beta might be participating in the ficathon and their requested fic MIGHT be the one your writing and that'd be just HORRIBLE!...HIT ME UP AN EMAIL AND I'LL GET IT BACK TO YA LIGHTNING FAST! (LET'S NOT FORGET THE DEADLINE IS UM...YOU KNOW...THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW!) XD
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